SJ Message therapies are holistic system of healing which evolved among the sages for over 5000 years. This ancient science focuses on establishing and maintaining the balance of energies within us, promoting harmony between the individual and nature which in turn promotes good health. Ayurvedic therapies detoxify the body and restore the natural balance of the energies within. We offer ayurveda based detoxification and rejuvenation treatments. Time Proven use of touch healing to promote physical and emotional well being. Different massage techniques are employed to relax muscles, ANNUAL REVIEW | 6 improve blood and lymphatic circulation, encourage healing and balance energy flow. We are committed to provide you different varieties of massage treatments depending on individual need and choice.


shiastu massage

Japanese massage that involves applying pressure to special points or areas on the body in order to maintain physical and mental well being, to treat disease, or alleviate discomfort.

agog massage

Our signature massage and most popular massage called Agog massage. Based on the arrived mark point massage and yogic stretching

fusion massage

Fusion massage is the communication of best part of the well-known therapeutic massage practices to provide an unparalleled hour of relaxation.

5 pm massage

If your office environment is highly demanding and has to work under pressure to meet deadlines, you need to find healthy alternatives to cope with the physical & mental stress

ayurvedic massage

Medicated herbal oil chosen according to your dosh. Abhyanga improves physical consistency, helps to A traditional Ayurvedic massage is called Abhyanga.

pind sweda massage

Pin headed is full body hot herbal compress massage. Linen bags are filled with Himalayan herbs having Anti-inflammatory, analgesics and muscle relaxants properties


Luke warm herbal oil is poured in an even stream on to the forehead from a specially designed copper vessel to pacify and revitalize the mind and the body.

trekker's recovery

Trekker’s Massage involves the deep tissue manipulation with medicated herbal oil along with stretching of major muscle groups which involves in walking.

hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a specially where the therapist uses smooth. heated stones to maximize the therapeutic benefit of massage.

kati vasti

A small circle of paste made from black gram or wheat flour is placed strategically on the lower back. Warmed Oil is then poured into the depression created by the ring of paste.

head and shoulders

Traditional Ayurvedic Head and Shoulder massage with medicated herbal oil. With a special focus on points around the head and shoulder, you will feel an immense claiming and relaxing effect throughout the body

foot massage

This Ayuvedic fool reflexology therapy is an ancient massage for the sole which focuses on the marma points of the feet and lower legs.

swedish massage

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back massage

Massage of the whole back where the therapist on pressing marma points running along the spine and manipulation of deep muscles of the back

swedish massage

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